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Integrating multiple solutions for the needs of clients consists of a whole range of activities that ultimately the client bring unique and operational solution for the implementation of basic and / or additional business activities. The model is applied on a "turnkey" and includes the complete ICT solutions. In this sense, we can offer, in accordance with the expectations of the client and the joint project work on the implementation of, a range of telecommunications, hardware and network solutions, and above all the operating and application software part of total sales.


Training telco systems through a series of solutions globally recognized manufacturer where engaged experts have the knowledge and experience from the past 20 years of practice in this sense we can, in addition to the hardware, ensure the "Call Manager" solutions, video communications and video conferencing solutions, the integration of fixed and mobile solutions and to train a complete call center solutions.


For all implemented solutions we can provide support and work with our helpdesk in bridging the operational difficulties or support in the system.

Network Solutions

Design and implementation of network solutions become extremely important quality of business, especially in industries in which the client has more than a few locations or are useful to the network requirements of critical importance. On the other hand, the key is not only the operations of the network, but also the safety of their own (or hybrid) infrastructure. Definition of network solutions is reflected in the quality of project approach implementation or modification of existing systems. Quality assessment prior to implementation is the key to success, especially in times of price sensitivity rating on CAPEX, OPEX as well. With clients is done in a way that is operationally helps manage the project and deliver proactive transfer of knowledge and advice to operational staff client. Besides the design, implementation and consulting the client, we offer maintenance and monitoring of active and passive network equipment and provide support to the agreed mode.


As a company with over twenty years’ experience in sales, maintenance and service support, we can provide a full range of hardware solutions in a way that operationally assist in the definition and scaling needs, deliver, implement and maintain hardware users. Services include and work with operating systems, development tools and application solutions thereby to provide a one-stop-shop approach for all IT needs.
The portfolio of the company is a whole range of products from renowned manufacturers in the world, and that in the domain of storage (for backup and the like), office clients (desktop, laptop, printer, tablet), servers.
In addition to the hardware section, we cover the installation and maintenance of advanced systems such as Microsoft Exchange, SQL, etc.
For our clients we service of recovering data, and we enterprise backups (either clients or mail system) and restore data and operating systems, and verification of backup media and assistance in the definition of backup procedures.
Service desk is available at any time of the day or night to answer your questions and operational assistance in overcoming operational problems when working on implemented systems.
We are able to offer customers advanced solutions for encryption and decryption of data, especially in cases of great importance to the protection of data from unauthorized use or "breakthrough", was to protect the data from unauthorized external or internal use. Services may include and securely erase data.

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